Welcome to   The Marshall Experience

We play songs spanning the centuries; hope you’ve got the time.

The Marshall Experience is a flexible, ready-to-go, ensemble for a wide range of music venues. With many years in the entertainment business, the lead vocalist/guitarist has played in a great variety of situations. We have played on cruise ships, major hotels, wedding halls, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor restaurants, stadiums, and in numerous pubs and clubs throughout the south. In short, we are very experienced!

Catering To The Needs Of The Client

We respect the fact that different venues require different types of music and changing numbers of players. To this end The Marshall Experience will alter the band configuration to fit the job at hand. A larger venue calls for more players; a smaller venue calls for fewer musicians. This not only helps with the type of music needed, but also it speaks to the arrangements for the individual client.

The Nucleus

The group is based around the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist, Doc Marshall. He has been active in the entertainment field in the capacities of drummer, rhythm guitarist, and lead vocalist in numerous bands and recording ensembles in Florida.

When you are in need of music entertainment for your restaurant, party, or other event, please contact us at Info@MarshallExperience.com or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.